08 Sep 2011

Computer viruses have been known to come in the form of fake emails

A new computer virus is landing in personal email inboxes in the form of a fake message from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the Austin Daily Herald.

The email says a diplomat has entered to country with a large sum of money that the email recipient is set to receive because it's "due you from the office of Finance Minister of the Federal Government of Nigeria."

When the recipient attempts to respond to what they believe is the FBI the virus takes control of the computer.

“People need to be aware so they don’t need to get their computer hard drives repaired because they got a virus,” Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger told the news source.

Another computer virus entitled, “URGENT: Pending Consumer Complaint,” is an email claiming to be from the Federal Trade Commission from a customer that has filed a complaint with a company.

The FTC advises recipients of the email to delete the email because clicking on the links inside the email may install a virus on the computer of the recipient.