21 May 2011

Computer users should protect against email attacks

After the death of Osama bin Laden, officials in the United States and United Kingdom have warned computer users of possible cyber threats.

According to a recent report by Southwark News, there are several ways companies and computer users can protect against potential threats centered around responses to bin Laden’s death.

Having antivirus and anti-spam software updated is the first step to protect against cyber threats. Cyber criminals may target users by email addresses, so checking that the email host security feature is turned on will protect against such attacks. Computer users should only open emails that they are 100 percent sure are legitimate, the report stated.

Other ways to combat against possible email threats include using email archiving to store critical data, especially for large businesses, as well as developing a strategy for email continuity when current systems fail.

Fox Network’s television show X Factor recently experienced an attack by hackers, who claimed to be executives contacting contestants through emails. The cyber criminals accessed the personal information of the show’s 250,000 contestants, including names, dates of birth, genders, email addresses and phone numbers.