23 Jul 2012

Computer Technician Cleared After Hacking Into Wife’s E-mail Account


A computer technician was cleared of all charges although he had hacked into his wife’s email account looking for proof of her having a relationship with another man.

Leon Walker was accused of checking his then-wife’s email and of sending her first husband information that he used as evidence in a custody hearing against the lady. Leon was cleared of the hacking charges as it was proven that his wife had been reading his text messages at the same time as he was spying on her e-mails.

Walker was also likely to get into a legal tightspot on account of his having illegally accessed a confidential law enforcement database while researching previous cases of spouses snooping on their partners using the same method. Charges on this matter were dropped as well because Walker was a government employee at the time of the alleged hack, which means that he was authorized to access the respective database. It also appears that Walker had not been properly informed that use of the respective information was otherwise restricted.

“It came down to an issue of permission,” stated chief assistant prosecutor Paul Walton. “We couldn’t meet our burden beyond a reasonable doubt that he didn’t have permission.”

Leon Walker divorced his then-wife Clara Walker and announced on Twitter his relief at the incident being settled without legal consequences. "All charges against me have been dropped. I am exonerated. I am free!"