31 Mar 2011

Computer risk report sheds light on vulnerabilities

IBM recently released its internet security and software vulnerabilities report, which found vulnerability disclosures reached an all-time high in 2010.

The IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report stated the number of vulnerability disclosures increased 27 percent from 2009. Of the vulnerabilities reported, 49 percent were web applications. The most common source of malicious traffic was the Slammer worm.

Botnet activity increased during 2010, especially against large corporations by experienced hackers. The continued adoption of cloud computing and mobile phones has raised security concerns for companies, due to vulnerabilities associated with the technology, the report stated.

“Many exploits are publicly released tens or hundreds of days after the public disclosure of the vulnerabilities they target, indicating that attackers may be able to make use of exploit code long after patches have been made available,” said the report.

A computer security company recently released its own report regarding computer security. Many of the concerns are the same as the IBM report. According to the report, hackers currently have the greatest opportunity to access to information, due to employees using mobile phones to store company data.