16 Sep 2011

Computer hacker prompts California officials to notify employees of possible trouble

After a computer hacking incident, dozens of California Assembly employees were notified that personal information may have been obtained by a hacker, according to the Sacramento Bee. Internet security software can be used in most situations to help quell hacks such as this.

"We can't verify that anything was taken, but the potential was there, so I'm going to err on the side of caution," Assembly administrator Jon Waldie told the news source of notifying more than 50 employees of the hacking.

Diane Boyer-Vine, a legislative counsel, told the Sacramento Bee that the officials discovered a computer server had been hacked while investigating an outage that too place in August of this year. No information seems to have been downloaded from the server, but it did contain personal information. Boyer-Vine said this is why the assembly made the hack known to the employees, of which more than 1,000 are employed by the Assembly.

California's Argus-Courier quotes Charles White, assistant special agent in charge of the Secret Service in San Francisco, who said people used to dig through the trash to get the type of information they can hack into online. He advised that if something doesn't feel right, authorities should be contacted.