19 May 2011

Computer game company is hackers’ latest target

Computer game company Eidos Interactive recently was attacked by a group of computer hackers, who obtained more than 25,000 email addresses and possibly 350 resumes.

Due to the security breach, personal information accessed by the hackers include dates of birth, addresses, genders, phone numbers, log-in names and passwords. The company’s websites shut down, including Dues Ex: Human Revolution and Eidosmontreal.com, as a result of the incident.

"Eidosmontreal.com does not hold any credit card information or code data, however there are resumes which are submitted to the website by people interested in jobs at the studio," the company said in a statement.

According to Brian Krebs of an internet security company, the attacks against Eidos appear to be from “a splinter cell of the hacktivist group Anonymous.” This type of attack was also used against Sony, one of the largest video game companies in the market.

Sony’s PlayStation Network remains in flux, due to crippling attacks of its 77 million users, as well as nearly 25 million account records for its Online Entertainment as a result of hackers.