07 Jun 2011

Companies reach out to users for World IPv6 Day

A 24-hour test period for Internet Protocol version 6 will begin in the U.S. on June 7. World IPv6 Day provides an opportunity for organizations worldwide, including major players like Google, Facebook, and Verizon, to test-drive the new IP address system while drawing public attention to the impending, permanent switch from IPv4.

Participating entities have reached out to educate users and prepare them for the test run.

On its blog, Facebook explained the need for upgrading to a new protocol by describing how “every device on the internet needs a unique address to communicate,” and new addresses are running out. Verizon’s press release offers hard numbers, saying the 4 billion addresses available under Internet Protocol version 4 will increase to 340 trillion addresses under IPv6.

Verizon also positioned itself to use the day to promote its products and create consumer excitement about potential IPv6 capabilities. It is offering access to its Fios TV Central website to all subscribers running IPv6 during the test day.

Companies also reassured users that the test would not impact internet security, connectivity, or the performance of devices. Google specified on its blog that 99.95 percent of users will not notice the test at all. Facebook outdid that, stating 99.97 percent of its users will be unaffected.