28 Feb 2012

Companies need multiple layers of security

When it comes to protecting a company's computer technology, multiple layers are needed, according to Paul Mah of CIO US. One way that a company can protect itself is with antivirus software that scans for malware as well.

"The cat-and-mouse game of malware detection is very much a linchpin of the $22.9 billion enterprise security software market projected for 2012," Mah said. "Malware scanning performed on client devices relies on the processing capabilities of individual devices to check for threats. Business-centric versions typically include some form of central management used to push out new definition updates and implement simple security policies."

He said malware products can be specifically optimized for servers, but they are less popular. The typical antivirus software package has evolved into a more comprehensive internet security package for companies, according to Mah. Most typical antivirus software scans URLs, emails, browsers and more, seeking to intercept users before they initiative a harmful action.

Entrepreneur.com said companies also have to defend against in-application malware that could partially decimate a company. As cyber attacks get more sophisticated, so does the internet security on the enterprise level.