02 Mar 2012

Companies need antivirus software and more

A story on Wired.com wonders if antivirus software is an antiquated need for businesses, but quickly answers that question by saying that yes, they do need antivirus software and much more to stay safe.

"Most companies can’t just drop AV. First of all, it’s a line of defense protecting employees who do the stupid things that the security experts tell us to avoid: clicking on dubious attachments, visiting untrustworthy websites," Robert McMillan writes on Wired. "Second, companies often must have desktop security software to meet industry regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard."

While this is needed many companies are saying that it can't just be an antivirus program that companies use in fighting viruses, malware and data breaches. Other internet security methods should be used by companies to help them be smarter and more agile in a new age of cyber crime.

Fox Business said that more internet security is needed especially in light of the amount of attacks a company could be hit with. Things like denial of service attacks, cyber extortion and service provider breach can hurt a company badly if they are not accounted for.