01 Sep 2011

College students need to be smart to keep viruses away from their computers

The Rorpian worm virus has been the source of complaints from students and faculty at Arkansas State University.

The virus takes over the network configuration on unsecured computers and causes the internet browser to lead its user to misleading website, according to the Arkansas State Herald.

"The virus will make it look like the system is down and you might think there is something wrong with your computer port," Eric Barnett, senior network engineer at the university, told the paper.

Barnett needed to shut down more than 10 computers on the campus that were infected by the virus.

To keep viruses away from the computers of college students, Security News Daily provided some tips on how to keep computers secure.

Cahy Hubbs, chief information security officer at American University in Washington, D.C., told the news source the first thing college students should do is contact the IT department on campus and see if they have any anti-virus recommendations.

Another way college students can protect their computers from hackers is to open connect to wireless networks that have a clear origin. Connecting to a random Wi-Fi connection with no security password could easily give a hacker access to a computer.