15 Jul 2011

Collaboration key to computer security, Pentagon says

The United States Department of Defense plans to work closely with other government agencies and the private sector to ensure the security of the nation's computer systems, according to the Pentagon's recently released official cyber security strategy.

In the strategy document, the DoD emphasizes its strong and continuing relationships with the Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Industrial Base.

The Pentagon says collaboration with Homeland Security will lead to a better mutual understanding of computer security issues and facilitate economical strategies for cyber defense.

The Defense Industrial Base is the public-private consortium of organizations and corporations that act as vendors, consultants, contractors and serve other functions integral to the operation of the Department of Defense. As part of the new cyberspace operating strategy, the Pentagon is launching a pilot program to increase sharing among Defense Industrial Base entities regarding approaches to computer security. The DoD says it will continue to launch other pilot programs to solidify its partnerships with the private sector and mitigate the risks of using products created with components developed and manufactured around the world.

Last week, a Department of Homeland Security official acknowledged computers have entered the U.S. with malicious components and programs preinstalled.