22 Nov 2012

Cloud-based Botnets and Mobile Malware on the Rise, says Researcher

Cloud-based botnets and mobile malware are on the rise and will continue to grow into 2013 according to Georgia Tech's Paul Royal.

Royal believes the complexity of future threats written by professional coders will become more prevalent and more targeted than threats coming from script kiddies that sometimes inflict minimal damage and can easily be countered.

"We no longer see, for example, mischievous youngsters," Royal says. "There is almost always a criminal or nation-state angle with respect to a particular threat."

Because fighting search engine poisoning is getting harder to fend off with anti-malware software, he believes it's going to become another top threat in 2013.

Security buffs are advised to work together and identify possible vulnerabilities so the risks of data theft can be countered swiftly. Royal suggests all companies should have a chief information security officer able to stress-test every aspect and devise solutions for found security breaches.

"Most organizations should have the equivalent of a chief information security officer,” said Royal. "And instead of having several people to report to before [the CISO] can get to the CEO, [the CISO] should have a direct line."

By setting up training techniques to improve awareness along with implementing worst-case scenarios, Royal stresses that companies will be better prepared to handle crisis situations.