09 Jun 2011

Citigroup hacked, joining many businesses attacked in 2011

So far, 2011 has seen high-profile hacks of organizations in various business and government sectors, including Sony, PBS, Lockheed-Martin and InfraGard. With yesterday’s revelation that Citigroup has been hacked, a major player from the financial services industry can now be added to the list.

In an emailed statement, Citigroup said the names, credit card numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses of hundreds of thousands of credit card holders may have been accessed in the breach.

Though Citigroup has made assurances that security flaws have been resolved, they have not provided details.

Citi acknowledged the hack about a month after discovering it, and this delay has led to criticism from lawmakers in Washington.

Reuters reports that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is already considering stricter regulation of banks’ online security measures.

Greater government regulation of security protocols may be inevitable. The news of the Citigroup hack broke about a month after the White House issued a proposal for legislation related to cybersecurity for organizations related to critical national infrastructure, and on the same day that the U.S. Commerce Department released a report on issues in cybersecurity in other sectors.