02 May 2011

Circulating virus targets credit card information

For users of Windows-based PCs, a new virus is circulating in several forms that are hard to track, according to a recent report by the Detroit News.

The virus has several names, including MS Removal Tool, Antivirus 2011 or System Tool 2011. The virus prompts the user to provide credit card information to remove threats from the computer. The pop-ups look legitimate and render the computer’s antivirus software useless if the malicious link is clicked.

According to the report, some of the virus’s programs are also immune to certain antivirus removal tools, making users even more vulnerable.

“Most of all, you should install and run Malware Bytes, a malware removal program, in ‘full scan’ mode,” wrote the Detroit News’ James Derk. “If that does not find and remove your infection, you may have the newest variation - and you may need to run other tools or call in a professional.”

For years, cyber criminals have found ways to wreak havoc, and the first quarter of 2011 was no different. According to a report by an internet security company, the amount of daily attacks reached 73,000 during the quarter, an increase of 26 percent from the first quarter of 2010.