07 Dec 2011

CIOs need to focus on security in 2012

With an increase in material on the information superhighway, TechTarget said CIOs will have to be more aware of their surroundings. One thing that can go a long way is installing powerful antivirus software to help prevent viruses from making their way into a businesses computer system.

"If you haven't already done it, it's time to look at your security policies and revise them so that they are aligned with the new world," said Anthony Caruana on the website. "You'll also want to plan some user education from everyone in the C-suite down. IT security is no longer only the responsibility of the IT department. Every user that takes data out of the business on a USB stick, tablet, notebook or smartphone is responsible for the business' data."

He said it's time for CIOs everywhere to make sure networks and computers at their business are safe from outside intruders. Other things to be aware of are the growing amount of big data, consumerization and device Independence, Caruana said.

Richard Kissel of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's computer research division said in a report that it's "absolutely necessary" to take action with antivirus software and internet security as a small business. He said it will help protect information, systems and business networks.