10 Jun 2014

CIA Goes Social on Facebook and Twitter

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has officially joined Twitter and Facebook, according to Hackread.

"We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet," joked the first tweet from the agency, which has been accused of snooping on other social media accounts.

Over 280,000 re-tweeted the message and more than 600,000 Twitter users now follow the CIA.

As the CIA had its first major breakthrough in social media, there were others such as WikiLeaks who seized the opportunity.

"@CIA We look forward to share great classified info about you," said WikiLeaks in a tweet, followed by some links to CIA classified leaks.

WikiLeaks was not the only one who "trolled" the CIA, as Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay said: "Seriously doubt the @CIA is only following 25 people."

The National Security Agency (NSA) has also joined social media and found itself peppered with troll remarks and insulting comments.