10 Apr 2012

Chinese Military Contractor Denies Allegations It Was Hacked

China Electronics Import & Export Corporation wants to sue the hacktivist known as “Hardcore Charlie,” saying he lied when he claimed he successfully attacked the company’s Intranet.

“The information reported is totally groundless, highly subjective and defamatory”, the company’s representatives said in a recent statement. “CEIEC reserves the right to take legal action against the relevant responsible individuals and institutions.”

The Chinese military contractor said the Anonymous-affiliated Hardcore Charlie did not access the company’s intranet. Nonetheless, the hacktivist continued publishing more documents on Photobucket and Pastebin, including sensitive US military information about Afghanistan that purportedly came from the company.

Hardcore Charlie described himself for Reuters as a 40-year-old Hispanic man who lives near the US. Doubts were raised about the authenticity of his files even before the Chinese company’s statement, said The Register. The hacktivist is associated with YamaTough, a hacker accused of falsifying documents he claimed were stolen from the Indian military.

China National Import & Export Corp sells a range of military kit including electronic warfare, radar and logistics gear. The claimed attack on the Asian military contractor came in the same week that Anonymous showed its first major interest in China.