05 Jan 2012

Chinese government tries to ramp up internet security


With more security breaches and threats imminent in 2012, the Chinese government is trying to work with 10 search engines to decrease the chance that internet users can be reached by phishing attacks. All users should take their own internet security precautions as well.

Reuters reports that recent hacking incidents may be the basis for moving forward on increased security online. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said this week it would investigate the incidents.

"The department believes the recent leak of user information is a serious infringement of the rights of internet users and threatens Internet safety. The department strongly condemns such behavior," the ministry said in the statement, according to Reuters.

To help prevent future attacks, The Wall Street Cheat Sheet said Chinese banks will be at the top of search engine rankings after a user searches for related keywords. The ministry said they hope this will reduce the amount and risk of attacks online. Users need to take control of their own fate as well by being careful of what they click on and having a good internet security option on their devices.