26 Apr 2013

China Shuts Down Two Websites for Pirated Content

China honored the World Intellectual Property Day by closing Silu HD and YYeTs, two Chinese web platforms known to distribute pirated movies and American TV shows, according to Techweb.

YYeTs displayed today a short message informing its users that “This website is closed temporarily,” and provided them with a list of links to other torrent websites, including the URLs of the popular Kikass Torrents, EZTV, or the Russian TVU.

The shutdown had a more significant financial effect on the more popular Silu HD, its almost 100 employees and its membership base of approximately 140 million paying users whom the portal was providing illegal copies of Blu-ray quality international movies and TV shows for almost a decade.   

The CEO of Silu HD and some 30 of his employees were arrested on the 24th of April after a thorough joint investigation by the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Agency and the police task force.

These arrests and portal shut downs seem to be part of a bigger Chinese operation against piracy. On April 25th, Chinese authorities destroyed some 30 million illegal copies of books, DVDs and the like, while representatives of the Chinese equivalents of eBay and B2C e-commerce publicly said their companies will collaborate with authorities to stop the selling of fake products on their platforms.