24 Feb 2012

Children targeted online; parents stay alert

When young children are using their parents computers, antivirus software and internet security are both absolutely necessary. Charlie Osborne writes on the iGeneration blog on ZDNet that children are heavily targeted online due to their lack of experience and knowledge about these online viruses.

"Due to this, children often click on pop-ups or linked pages that may redirect a user to inappropriate pages, download Javascript infections, adware or malware," she said. "In serious cases, this could also include backdoor infections which could allow severe computer infections to bypass computer security and hijack a machine."

To keep these children safe, parents should look into keeping their antivirus software updated at all times, block websites known to contain malware, have monitoring software up and running for kids who may be more prone to exploring, and set boundaries. Parents should also educate their children on some of the dangers of the internet and let them know the realities of the situation.

OECD said a big part of keeping children safe online is education and raising awareness. This should help kids know that there are dangers out there that need to be avoided. Antivirus software should also be in place to make sure even if something is accidentally clicked on, it can be blocked.