22 Nov 2011

CEOs need to plan for cyber attacks

With the amount of records and private information held online by companies coupled with the vitriol many have toward big business right now, Centurion Intelligence Partners said CEOs need to have internet and physical security heightened.

“If a CEO thinks that a dusty emergency plan sitting in a file cabinet satisfies their responsibilities, then they are inviting disaster," said CIP president Col. Frank Bragg. "Preparation and ongoing training is crucial to safety and continuity of operations. CEOs who do not take this seriously will be held accountable by employees and stockholders and eventually the bottom line."

Bragg said CEOs need to realize they are vulnerable to physical and cyber attacks, and they are responsible for their employees' safety and business continuing. He said it could go past business, as many cyber attacks can target an executive's home and affect their family life.

Tony Sager of the National Security Agency told Government Computer News that in order to defeat hackers, businesses and agencies need to know their enemies and figure out what their next moves could be to block them. Having up antivirus software and internet security should be one of the first steps of defense.