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CIA Goes Social on Facebook and Twitter

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has officially joined Twitter and Facebook, according to Hackread.

Facebook Paid 12,500$ Bounty on Bug that Deleted User Photos

Facebook rewarded an Indian ethical hacker with a $12,500 bounty for a critical vulnerability that allowed anyone to delete photos without user interaction. 21-year-old Arul Kumar sent the social network a video proof-of-concept that exploited Mark Zuckerberg's profile and photos.

Pinterest Vulnerability Exposed 70 Million Accounts

A critical vulnerability in Pinterest exposed 70 million accounts to potential hacking, according to security researcher Dan Melamed. The exploit allegedly allowed cyber-criminals to view the e-mail addresses of all Pinterest users.

Pakistan to Ban Google for Not Cleaning up YouTube

Pakistan’s new IT and telecommunication minister is concerned about the “blasphemous and objectionable material” on YouTube and threatens to ban Google in the country, unless the company sanitizes the video sharing platform, The Time of India reports.

Iran Creates `Smart Software’ to Supervise Users on Social Media

Iran is investing in customized software to help the government restrict and control citizens’ access to social networking platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram to Sell Users’ Photos and Data to Advertisers

Instagram, Facebook’s photo-sharing site, updated its privacy policy to include some new terms and conditions that allow the company to sell users’ photos and information to advertisers.

China Takes Blame for Twitter Blooper

Chinese state-sponsored hackers were thought to be behind an attempt to break into Twitter accounts.

Timeline gets Facebook into Legal Trouble in China; Cubic Network Claims Property of the Concept

Cubic Network, a Chinese social platform, is taking Facebook to court over the latter’s alleged theft of the Timeline concept, according to The Register.

FTC Sets Conditions for Facebook’s Sharing of User Info, Requires Consumer Consent

The U.S. Trading Commission has accepted a final settlement with Facebook concerning the eight-count complaint filed in November last year concerning alleged privacy infringements and misrepresentation of the platform’s third-party security verification processes.

Facebook Escaped FTC Fine

Facebook got away from a fine, but must obtain users' consent before sharing information beyond the privacy settings, according to the Federal Trade Commission's final settlement with the social network.

Pre-teen, Teen Girls under Arrest for Online Impersonation

Two girls, aged 12 and 13, were arrested and face charges of third-degree felony after creating a fake Facebook account impersonating a classmate with clear intent of harming her.

Twitter Spoofer Hits Back with Legal Action

The man accused of spoofing Northcliffe Chief Executive Steve Auckland on Twitter hit back with legal action against the micro-blogging platform that plans to reveal his identity, according to Guido Fawkes blog. A pro bono attorney has already agreed to represent the spoofer, who is also accused of fraud, defamation, libel and hacking computers of the media company owned by the Daily Mail.

Most People ‘Creep’ on Their Ex’s Facebook, Study Shows

Almost 90 per cent of people “creep” on their former lovers’ Facebook page, according to a study by Western University master researcher Veronika Lukacs.

Most Hacked LinkedIn Passwords Were Hashed, Company Says

Business social network said most of the 6.5 million passwords leaked in the recent hack were not associated with their e-mail logins, meaning the hackers who stole the passwords were likely unable to use them.

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