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Phishing Websites Skyrocket despite Major Botnet Takedowns

The first quarter of 2012 saw a significant increase of phishing websites, even though some major players in the spam-sending industry, such as Kelihos, have been taken down.

One Million Users Exposed after Android Forum Hack

More than one million records of forum users have been stolen after the successful breach of Phandroid's Android Forums web site. According to the note posted online, the breach revealed user data including e-mail addresses, hashed passwords, as well as registration IP addresses and last log-in date.

Chinese E-Shoppers under Heavy Trojan and Phishing Fire; Hackers Expected

As China prepares to take over the role of e-commerce super power, its cyber-challenges are skyrocketing. A 30 percent increase in phishing sites – with a staggering 3 million fake banking and shopping websites now active - and 740 million users under Trojan attack are among the disturbing findings of a Beijing Rising Information (BRI) technology report quoted by China Daily.