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Sony websites hit by hackers

Sony recently suffered an online security breach that affected customers in Canada, Thailand and Indonesia.

Windows Support scam throws in new wrinkle

Windows computer users are currently being threatened by a new scam from cyber criminals trying to gain access to personal details.

Norwegian military hit by computer virus

The Norwegian military was recently targeted by cyber criminals in a “massive” attack, according to a report by newspaper VG.

Cyber criminals identified as two classes

Microsoft recently brought to light the growing malware threats taking place on social networking websites.

Adobe hit with phishing scam

For Adobe users, there are currently several phishing scams circulating the internet, according to a recent report by PCWorld.

Canada experiencing increased cyber crime activity

It appears cyber criminals are targeting Canada as a country for their attacks, according to a recent report by WebSense.

Cyber criminals target Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is considered to be the most popular card-giving holiday, but, as expected, cyber criminals targeted consumers with scams related to the day, according to an internet security company.

Phishing becoming a problem for companies

The use of phishing emails to breach organizations is becoming more prevalent for cyber criminals, according to a recent report by Computerworld.