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John Kerry and Hillary Clinton `Accidentally’ Intercepted by German Intelligence

John Kerry and Hillary Clinton have had their phone conversations "accidentally" intercepted by the German intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtdienst (BND), according to The Register.

Starbucks iOS Mobile App Stores Passwords in Plain Sight

Starbucks’ iOS mobile app saves customers’ usernames, email addresses and passwords in clear text, according to Computerworld.

Samsung Critical Vulnerability Found by Ben-Gurion University Researchers

Researchers of the Israel Ben-Gurion University’s (BGU) Cyber Security Labs found a critical vulnerability in Samsung Knox mobile devices, according to a BGU press release.

New iPhone Fingerprint Sensor Hacked with Old Technique

German hackers claim to have breached the new iPhone’s Fingerprint scanner lock with an old but efficient technique. The Chaos Computer Club took a photo of someone's fingerprint left on a glass surface, and then used it to create a fake fingerprint that unlocked the new iPhone 5S secured with TouchID.

No Warrants Needed for Cellphone Location Info

Law enforcement won’t need a search warrant to obtain cellphone location information from mobile companies, a US court of appeals ruled (PDF) in a decision that further sacrifices personal privacy to state security.

iPhones Can Be Hacked in 60 Seconds with Malicious Charger

iPhones can be hacked in one minute with a malicious charger, according to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The security experts plan to present the proof-of-concept device at the Black Hat conference in July. The ‘Mactans’ charger may be used to install malware on a device running the latest version of Apple’s iOS.

29 People Charged for SMS Scam

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began legal actions against 29 people believed responsible for bombarding mobile phone users with some 180 million illicit SMS messages promoting “free” gift cards.

Millions of HTC Mobile Users Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

More than 18 million users of smartphones and other mobile devices made by HTC are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The regulator charged the mobile developer for customizing its Android- and Windows-based phones in ways that allow cyber-criminals to install dangerous software and steal users’ personal details.

Identity Theft Scheme Lands Fraudster $8 Million from AT&T and T-Mobile

A man was arrested for allegedly engaging in identity theft leading to fraudulent cell phone services that caused $8 million in losses for telecommunication providers AT&T and T-Mobile.

iOS 6 Jailbreak in the Works; Hackers Point to Two Vulnerabilities

An innovative jailbreak that allows remote exploitation of Apple’s iOS 6 was allegedly discovered this weekend, according to IDG News Service. Two hackers said they are making progress towards cracking the latest version of the mobile operating system.

Cloud-based Botnets and Mobile Malware on the Rise, says Researcher

Cloud-based botnets and mobile malware are on the rise and will continue to grow into 2013 according to Georgia Tech's Paul Royal.

Teenage Security Researcher Builds Proof-of-Concept Virus for Windows Phone 8

Barely has the Windows 8 operating system been introduced and 16 year-old security researcher Shantanu Gawde has already created the first proof-of-concept piece of malware for the mobile platform.

Chinese Telecom Provider Says Goodbye to Cisco Gear

Chinese telecom provider Unicom has reportedly replaced its Cisco network equipment, citing security concerns. In a retaliatory move, the Chinese company decided to replace “China169,” Cisco’s backbone network router of Wuxi node, an infrastructure that is responsible with routing significant amounts of Internet and telecom data.