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Businesses need to do a better job protecting customers

While many businesses do a great job with having internet security and antivirus software to help protect themselves and customers against dangerous viruses, botnets and malware, many don't do so well. The Online Trust Association released its annual "Top Ten Ways Businesses Can Protect Consumers from Being Fooled" list and said updating the web browser is the first level of defense against security breaches.

Hackers use credit report website against users

While many people go to a credit report website to make sure they are finally well, MSNBC reports that hackers may have turned some of these websites into internet security pitfalls. The news source said many of these websites are being "brazenly used by hackers to steal victims' information."

Use caution at Wi-Fi hotspots

For people who frequently use Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, the local coffee shop and other places, LifeGoesStrong said to be careful, as people may be able to monitor every move and keystroke. People should use internet security software to help stay safe when on public Wi-Fi networks.

Website alerts people if their personal information is out there

Everyone who has access to the internet is in danger of experiencing a breach of their personal information, but one new website is looking to use a database to help users know if their information is out there and exposed. Knowing this in concert with use of internet security should help keep users much more safe than they would be online.

Steps should be taken to prevent online fraud

In an effort to help customers, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has released a number of tips to help people fight against fraud on social media websites, unsecured public networks and more. Internet security is extremely important to keep in mind for both individuals and companies.

Social media leads to companies protecting themselves more

Surfing a social networking website can be extremely dangerous without internet security tools such as an antivirus program. According to USA Today, there are more phishing attacks and malware then ever on websites like Facebook and Twitter, so many businesses are looking into better protection for themselves.