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Canadians still concerned about cyber fraud, poll said

According to the TD Canada Trust Fraud Prevention Month poll, 84 percent of Canadian residents are trying to take action against internet security breaches and other types of online fraud.

Selena Gomez sex link on Facebook a scam

Hackers often use celebrity sex scandals to infiltrate unsuspecting social media users' computer systems. The cyber thieves will create malicious links and spread them on Facebook and other social networks, which when clicked on, will corrupt users' systems.

People need to watch out for 'digital tattoos' online

With the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, a new set of guidelines for internet security, the Obama administration is looking to give people more control over the way personal information is gathered online. If adopted, the guidelines would also enable individuals to access and change data that is gathered about them.

ITunes customers victims of thefts dating back to 2010

Those with an Apple iTunes account may be interested to find out that internet security for the program may not be what it should be, according to a report from The Global Mail. The report said accounts are susceptible to hacker attacks and numerous accounts have been robbed since 2010.

New antiphishing framework gains support from industry titans

Phishing, the malicious obtaining of personal and financial information online under fraudulent pretenses, costs companies a significant amount of money annually.