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New Facebook scam promises pink Facebook

A new internet security scam tries to get users to click a link in an effort to turn their Facebook profile pink, but security experts warn that the link is faulty and may lead to a compromised account. hit by hackers; credit card numbers compromised

Large-scale internet shoe retailer may need to increase the amount of internet security they use after a data breach compromised customers billing addresses and credit card numbers. The websites' discount affiliate reported the breach, but the company said the data breach didnt' affect payment data.

Security think tank targeted by hackers again

Stratfor, a security think tank that fell victim to hackers within the last month, was targeted once again. Stratfor is telling subscribers that they may be targeted by an internet security breach in the form of false and misleading communications from cyber criminals.

FBI warns of bank account phishing email

People who access their bank accounts should have antivirus software ready to go either way, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation now warns that an email going around tries to phish personal information from people. The scam says the email is either from the National Automated Clearing House Association, the Federal Reserve Bank or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and has a virus that allows access to online bank accounts.

Better Business Bureau names top scams of 2011

Last year showed that scammers will go to lengths to get personal information, credit card numbers and more from users. Internet security and common sense should be used, as the Better Business Bureau released their list of the top scams from last year, with the BBB phishing scam at the top.

Hackers expose Israelis' credit card information

Credit card information of thousands of Israeli people was released on the internet by hackers claiming to be Saudi Arabian this week. According to The Associated Press, it was a politically motivated attack. This shows that people, no matter where they are, should have good internet security protocol in place. Hackers called on web browsers to make illegal purchases with the cards, according to Israel News.