British police to examine possible climate email hacking

British police are looking into a possible hacking of climate scientists' emails, which appeared as a batch online. The University of East Anglia, where Climate Action Research Unit is considered a leading voice on climate science, said the leaked emails seemed to be carefully timed to create controversy. The university may need to get improved internet security to prevent future hacking.

Ways to keep hackers out of email accounts

With hackers gaining access to many Facebook users' accounts earlier this month, it follows that it is also much easier to gain access to email addresses that may be largely unprotected. Work Goes Hard said there are easy ways to increase internet security and keep hackers out of email accounts.

Too much information on social networking websites helps hackers

While an antivirus program is important to protect from viruses and malware, it is important for those who browse the internet and social media websites to use discretion. Ira Winkler, president and CEo of Internet Security Advisors Group, said all it takes is one person to compromise an organization on the internet, according to CRN.

Men more likely to fall for 'sexy stranger' Facebook scams

Men have been shown to be more gullible when it comes to falling for internet security threats on social media websites from "sexy strangers," according to a survey by an antivirus software company.

Facebook increases security to lock hacked accounts

In an effort to help protect users' internet security while on social networking giant Facebook, the website said it "roadblocks" 250,000 to 600,000 accounts on any given day to protect the website, according to PCWorld.