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Financial Information of Sourcebooks' Customers Exposed

Financial information of Sourcebooks' customers has been exposed after a cyber-attack targeted their shopping cart software, according to Sourcebooks' customer letter.

LinkedIn Sued for Allegedly Selling User Data

LinkedIn has been accused of secretly selling user data in the latest lawsuit filed against them in California, according to the IBTimes.

JP Morgan Chase Breach Impacts 76 Million Households

The JP Morgan Chase security breach has impacted 76 million household and 7 million small business accounts, according to the SEC’s announcement, making it one of the largest breaches ever.

Synolocker Hits Chinese Medicine University; 10,000 Records Encrypted

The Chinese Medicine University has been infected with the Synolocker malware that's affecting Synology network access storage devices, according to Softpedia News.

eBay Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Security Breach

eBay company is facing a class action lawsuit over a data breach in May this year, on the grounds that the company failed to ensure the protection of the identity of all its customers, according to PCWorld.

Chinese Claim Apple’s iPhone Location Services Pose a National Security Threat

Chinese authorities claim that Apple’s iPhone location services pose a threat to national security threat as they can track and time-stamp users’ location, according toMyBroadband.

Two Vulnerabilities in LastPass Fixed and Disclosed; Study Shows

Two vulnerabilities in the popular password manager service LastPass have been fixed and disclosed, according to ITWorld. Both were discovered last year in August and were immediately addressed.

In 90% of Cases, Communications Intercepted by NSA Belong to Regular Internet Users

Nine out of 10 individuals who had their communications intercepted by the US National Security Agency were not considered surveillance targets and were regular internet users, according to a Washington Post investigation.

One out of Seven US Debit Cards Exposed In 2013 Data Breaches

Some 14 per cent of all debit cards in the US were exposed in financial services and retailer data breaches in 2013, almost triple the portion of breaches in 2012, according to a survey commissioned by the Pulse debit/ATM network company.

New Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Found on eBay; Weaker Passwords Allowed

A cross-site scripting XSS vulnerability has been found on eBay's labs page as users are allowed to set weaker passwords after last week’s breach, according to The Register.

Payment Processing Systems of Affinity Gaming Casino Operator Breached Again

The Affinity Gaming casino operator has had its credit and debit card payment processing systems breached for a second time in six months, according to a press release.

Hackers Breach Systems of University of North Carolina Wilmington; Staff and Student Details Exposed

The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) has suffered a data breach that may have exposed personal details of employees and staff, according to a notice by the institution.

Spoofed E-Mail Campaign Impacts 2 Per Cent of AOL E-mail Users

AOL systems have suffered a security breach that impacted 2 per cent of all AOL email users after a campaign of spoofed e-mails, AOL’s says. AOL started notifying users about unauthorized access to its network and systems.

Hackers Accessed Financial Data of 25,000 Deltek Customers

The Deltek Company is currently notifying customers that their accounts may have been compromised after GovWin IQ web site has been breached by hackers, according to Federal News Radio. Close to 80,000 have their personal information at risk, as well as 25,000 their financial data.

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