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Iran looks to crack down on internet security

In an effort to increase internet security and surveillance, Iran will start to clamp down on certain websites and other areas of the internet.

Advanced security threats loom in 2012

While 2011 was a year with increased security attacks, 2012 may see even more viruses and malware being thrown at businesses and users on their smartphones and PCs. Motley Fool contributor Dawn Kawamoto writes on DailyFinance that advanced mobile threats and more are imminent, which means people should make sure to shore up their antivirus software.

Japan tries defensive virus

The Japan Defense Ministry is working to develop a defense weapon for a virus that will be capable of tracing the source of a cyber attack to its origin to shut it down and disable the system along the way. This is a controversial method of internet security, as many believe it could also cause harm.

Chinese government tries to ramp up internet security

With more security breaches and threats imminent in 2012, the Chinese government is trying to work with 10 search engines to decrease the chance that internet users can be reached by phishing attacks. All users should take their own internet security precautions as well.

Fake Twitter post saying Castro is dead is a virus

Proving that antivirus software is necessary for those who surf social media websites that can double as news aggregates, reports show that a Twitter post saying Fidel Castro is dead is a virus. People should use caution when clicking on any link provided on Twitter.

Maintenance tips for office computing in 2012

For the new year, people should take stock of how they are maintaining internet security and keeping files at their offices safe. Resource Nation said things such as antivirus software could help save companies a lot of headaches by protecting files and networks.

Hackers look to attack satellite, moon mission

Internet security officials may want to start ramping up security on satellites and space programs, as a group of hackers said they want to fight internet censorship by putting their own communications satellite into orbit and developing a grid of stations to communicate with by hacking other satellites and space missions.

Computer virus forces murder trial to restart

A Miami-Dade County court stenographer's computer was recently attacked by a virus, which completely erased notes from a murder trial, thereby forcing the restart of the trial, according to sources.

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