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Israel Aviation Authority Cyber Hijacked by Islamic Hackers

The computer systems of the Israel Airports Authority ( have been broken into by the Islamic Cyber Resistance Groups, according to Softpedia.

Some 80,000 Emails Compromised in Forum Data Breach

The openSUSE forums have been defaced, leaving account information of thousands of users vulnerable, according to The Hacker News.

Supplier Server Breach Threatens Customers of T-Mobile

An attack on the server of a T-Mobile supplier compromised data of an unknown number of the US mobile company’s customers, according to SC Magazine.

Tajikistan's Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon Hacked via Domain Registrar Breach

Tajikistan's Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Amazon domains have been affected by an Iranian hacker who breached the Domain Registrar (, according to The Hacker News.

Hacker Leaks 2,000 User Credentials from Directors Guild of Canada

Some 2,000 user credentials have been leaked from the Directors Guild of Canada, which represents writers, actors, directors support workers and others in the country’s film industry, according to Cyber War News.

World Poker League Hacked; 175,000 Accounts Compromised

A massive security breach compromised 175,333 account passwords belonging to the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League (WPTAPL), according to SC Magazine.

Anonymous Threatens Turkey after Protesters Charged with Terrorism

The Anonymous hacktivist group has threatened action against the Turkish government to back demands for a halt to persecution of demonstrators protesting the destruction of Istanbul’s Gezi Park, according to Softpedia News.

Anonymous Mexico Vandalizes Gov’t Websites with Hitler Moustaches and F-Bombs

The international hacktivist group Anonymous has launched a series of attacks on Mexican municipal government sites in protest against central government policy, pasting Hitler moustaches and other derogatory images on photos of officials and calling on Mexicans to “Wake Up.”

NSA Hacks Dell PowerEdge Server Bios

The latest Edward Snowden NSA leak revealed a malicious flashing tool for Dell BIOS servers called DEITYBOUNCE, according to ZDNet.

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