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Syrian Electronic Army Hijacks Al Jazeera SMS Service; Rumors of Prime Minister’s Assassination Are Fake

Al Jazeera, the international news channel, temporarily lost control over its SMS service following a hack by a pro-Damascus underground group called Syrian Electronic Army, as reported by

30-month prison time for US man selling access to botnets

Joshua Schichtel, the hacker who commanded-and-controlled a botnet of at least 72,000 computers and rented access to whomever wanted to use the compromised systems, was sent yesterday to prison.

Hidden Premium Rate Android App from Russia; £ 50,000 Fine for Deceitful Practices

A Russian Android app vendor received a “formal reprimand” and a £50,000 fine on account for having deceitfully charged users for downloading an app allowing them access to popular games, as reported by techworld.

Critical Vulnerability in Fresh Java 7 Patch

A security company based in Poland has pointed out a vulnerability in the recently released Java 7 security fix. This vulnerability can allegedly be used to avoid Java sandbox to execute unauthorized code on the compromised computer.

ZTE and Huawei Investigated for Alleged Chinese Spying Plot

ZTE Corp and Huawei were invited to a US congressional hearing regarding alleged Chinese spying threats, possibly affecting the US communication infrastructure. ZTE chairman and Huawei’s deputy chairmen were invited to testify, but only Hou Weigui of ZTE confirmed participation.

Quatar-Based Gas Company Gets Hit by Unknown Virus

Energy firm RasGas, the world's second-biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter, has reportedly suffered a network breach on Monday caused by an unknown virus. The news comes a couple of days after a similar incident involving Saudi Arabia oil company Aramco.

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