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Most Hacked LinkedIn Passwords Were Hashed, Company Says

Business social network said most of the 6.5 million passwords leaked in the recent hack were not associated with their e-mail logins, meaning the hackers who stole the passwords were likely unable to use them.

Egypt to Deploy 85 Million Digital ID Cards for its Citizens

Egypt plans to introduce a new generation of ID cards equipped with advanced biometrics in an attempt to modernize government services in the post-Mubarak era. The news was broken by Sherif Hashem, a senior advisor to the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology during the collaboration talks with Estonia in Tallin.

The Pirate Bay Agrees With RIAA On Censorship Request

Following court testimony from the Recording Industry Association of America in which popular search engines were asked to censor all links to illegally copied material, The Pirate Bay issued a statement agreeing with the censorship request.

Google to Issue Warnings on Suspected State-Sponsored Attacks

Google is taking extra steps to protect its users against “particular attempts by third parties to log into users’ accounts unauthorized” with a particular focus on suspected state-sponsored attacks, according to a blog post by Eric Grosse, VP Security Engineering with Google.

CloudFlare CEO’s Account Used to Attack a Company Client

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince fell victim to a social engineering attack launched by a group of hackers. The incident yielded the username and password of the CEO’s business account, which has been further used against 4chan, a popular Internet forum hosted by CloudFlare.

GameReplays to Collaborate with Hackers after Data Breach

Anonymous member Ececus exposed 10,000 member accounts, but GameReplays’ owner continues to give credit to ethical hackers probing the site. Jon LeMaitre, co-owner and General Manager of the online gamer company, confessed in a blog post that he still supports Anonymous' mission and will collaborate with hackers in the future, inviting them to help track vulnerabilities in the web site, but in a responsible manner.

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