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IT Security Pros Fail on Risk Strategies, While Thinking They Are on Track

IT security pros in Europe have significant gaps in their company risk strategies, despite thinking they are on track. According to a recent research from HP, 79 percent of security professionals believe they have an information security risk plan in place, but only 14 percent are confident they have a complete picture of their security.

FBI Warns Travelers Against Malware that Checks into Hotels

The FBI warns travelers about phony software updates that users see when logging on to some hotel systems. The pop up windows advising users to download a software update are actually a form of infecting guests’ laptops with malware.

Virgin Media’s Ban on The Pirate Bay Leads to DDoS Attack From Anonymous

Virgin Media’s website has been the target of an Anonymous distributed denial of serviced attack pending a court order to ban all access to The Pirate Bay website.

Hackers Break Into YoVille Social Game

Hackers recently broke into Zynga’s YoVille social game, disrupting a group of almost 1.000 players. The company said no sensitive data was compromised.

Major Cyber Attack Aimed at US Pipeline Industry

A major cyber attack on US gas pipeline companies is under way, according to US Department of Homeland Security alerts.

Microsoft to Fix 23 Security Flaws with a New Patch

Microsoft plans to fix 23 security vulnerabilities by a patch to be released next week. With the new updates available, the company will have issued 70 patches so far this year, more than the 59 in the same period of last year.

Location-Based Apps Are Installed Without Regard for Security, Survey Reveals

Location based apps are used by 58% of smartphone users, despite written notifications on giving away personal information and using it for marketing purposes. License agreements are often disregarded by 43% of users and 25% have trouble understanding them.

Cloud Providers Need to Step Up Security, Report Shows

Cloud providers need to enhance data security measures, including educating their customers about best practices in the field, according to cloud-based solutions researcher CenterBeam.

Old Mac OS X Exploit Causes New Malware, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed a new Mac OS X Office exploit that appears to be specifically targeting Snow Leopard and lower versions of the OS that haven’t been running the MS09-027 security update released in June 2009.

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