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Attack on US-China Economic and Security Review Commission could be from China

A cyber attack on the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission was originally thought to be from India, but security experts are now tying the attack to China. Internet security on sensitive issues like this needs to be at its highest.

Wi-Fi in India may be a security issue

According to security analysts in India, Wi-Fi useres may be victims of a virus attack that could lead to the crashing and hacking of secure networks. Users on Wi-Fi networks should be sure to get antivirus software so as to keep their computer as safe as possible no mater what network they are on.

How to protect after a breach

After 24 million Zappos customers were informed by the company that there was an internet security breach and their account information and personal details may have been stolen, many people are rightfully concerned about their online identity and accounts. While the criminals didn't get full credit card numbers in this instance, John Quain writes on Fox News that there are steps that need to be taken to ensure security online.

Virus stole college's data for years

In a definite case of neglect and lack of good internet security, the City College of San Francisco apparently had information from tens of thousands of students, faculty and administration stolen by viruses for years, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The viruses were allegedly grabbing information for more than a decade.

Men behind Facebook virus 'Koobface' revealed

Facebook is one of many social media websites where hackers will try to target users and infect them with viruses and malware, so people should always keep this in mind and have their internet security protection ready to go. One such group of hackers has been revealed by investigators.

Antivirus software is essential for PC safety

Antivirus software is an essential tool for PC users who want to stay virus-free and help their computer last for a long time. Adams Johnson writes on Business 2 Community that it's important to look for the right qualities in a program before making a purchase.

Google Chrome amps up security

In an effort to increase internet security, Google Chrome released a patch to get rid of some high-risk viruses. The browser is also releasing a "safe browsing" feature called Chrome 17, according to the company's blog.

Maintenance is 'boring' - but important - for computers

Although performing computer maintenance can be extremely dull, Bill Husted writes on the Palm Beach Post that it is essential to keeping a computer working over the long run. Users should frequently scan their computer with antivirus software and update programs to make sure everything is working properly.

Vietnam sees 10 percent rise in computer viruses for 2011

Computer viruses seem to be on the rise in Vietnam, according to one security company. Vietnam news reports that there were 64.2 million virus attacks in 2011, which is a 10 percent increase from the previous year. Users should invest in antivirus software to help keep themselves safe.

How to tell if a computer has a virus

Getting a virus can end the life of a computer. It will start to slow down, files can be corrupted and personal information stolen. Sid Kirchheimer writes on the AARP Bulletin that each day, 8,600 new websites with malware are launched, so people should be able to tell when the first sign of a virus pops up on their computers. Antivirus software can help stop viruses in their tracks before they seriously harm a computer.

Security company apologizes for information leak

After hackers stole thousands of user names, passwords and credit card numbers from Stratfor, a security company based in Austin, Texas, founder and CEO George Friedman apologized and said the matter was a failure on the company's behalf. Stratfor should improve internet security to make sure there are no further breaches in the future.

Mother complains about school's internet security

A 15-year-old girl's mother is complaining that the internet security at Nepean High School in Ontario, Canada, is not good and that students are vulnerable to pedophiles and other predators, according to the Ottawa Citizen. The mother, Laura Lobay, said the children are able to access the internet over an open, unsecured network.

Fake antivirus scam accounts for 70 to 80 percent of scams

A scam in which fake antivirus software is sold to unsuspecting internet users reached "epidemic proportions" last year in Canada, according to Moneyville, accounting for 70 to 80 percent of frauds reported daily, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre said.

Hackers begin to target mobile devices more

Mobile antivirus software is becoming more of a necessity. Electronic experts expect 2012 will be the year that viral attacks start working on phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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