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Almost one-third of Massachusetts resident have been compromised by hacking

The Massachusetts Attorney General's office said the personal information of about 2 million Boston residents, or one of every three people that live in the state, have been compromised through electronic data and internet security breaches over the past 20 months, news sources say.

California city has money stolen by computer virus

Heightened business security software and antivirus programs may be needed in Oakdale, California, as news sources report that a virus was used to steal $118,000 from a city bank account.

Internet providers asked by federal government to set virus standards

Two companies may be asked by the U.S. federal government to set an industry standard for fighting against computer viruses known as botnets, according to a proposal by U.S. regulators, Reuters reports. Currently, individual users must decide what kind of antivirus software they want to use for their computer.

U.S. urges Japan to increase cyber security after defense contractors attacked online

An increase in security software may be needed after attacks on Japan's top defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries took place this week. U.S. government officials say these cyber attacks need to be taken very seriously.

Skype users hit by scam call to buy fake security software

A scammer contacted multiple Skype users with automated messages and tried to get them to purchase fake antivrius software, according to news sources.

Seattle-area Wi-Fi hacking burglars indicated, accused of 41 burglaries

Three men have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of hacking the wireless network of 13 business to steal money and personal information, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Security software could be useful to businesses afraid of similar occurrences.

Bank of Melbourne's Twitter account hacked

The Bank of Melbourne in Australia had its Twitter account hacked earlier this month, and according to news sources the hacking was used to send phishing direct messages to followers. Both antiphishing software and antivirus programs could have been helpful for parties in this case.

FBI looking into NBC Twitter account hacking

The FBI is investigating an NBC News Twitter account hacking by perpetrators who posted false information about the hijacking of a passenger airplane that supposedly crashed into Ground Zero in New York, according to MSNBC. Internet security software could help people keep their social media accounts and other internet information safe.

Stalking phone application causes alarm

A new form of spy software can be installed on a smartphone to monitor the activities of the phone's user, according to Japan's Daily Yomiuri Online. Having mobile security software could help prevent the installation of such programs.

Viruses may be able to affect automobiles

For years, the on-board computer has been a powerful instrument in helping modern cars run. Now that many auto companies are considering tying their cars to the internet, it may be time to set up antivirus software in cars, as the threat of viruses could be very real.

New virus targets motherboard and PC as soon as computer is booted

A new virus has been found that burrows into a computer's motherboard and infects the PC as soon as it boots up, according to MSNBC's website. The virus highlights the reason why people need to have antivirus software on their computer, as once this virus is on, it is hard to remove.

Scotland Yard asks newspaper to give up its sources in hacking scandal

After the News of the World phone hacking scandal, which likely made many people invest in security software for their phones, there has been a lot of information leaking from U.K. newspaper The Guardian, and according to Bloomberg, the Scotland Yard wants to know where the paper is getting its information from.

Computer hacker prompts California officials to notify employees of possible trouble

After a computer hacking incident, dozens of California Assembly employees were notified that personal information may have been obtained by a hacker, according to the Sacramento Bee. Internet security software can be used in most situations to help quell hacks such as this.

Many celebrities see pictures taken after phone hacking

Celebrities may need to start looking into client security software for their phone, after the phones of Scarlett Johannson and Mila Kunis were hacked this week, according to Mike Hess, editor of on CNN's website.

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