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Japanese man arrested for storing virus on personal computer

Arrests for the distribution of a computer virus is nothing new, but in Japan a man was recently arrested for actually having a computer virus on his machine with the purpse of distributing it, the first arrest of its kind under a new Japanese law.

Scammers use Oslo bombing, Winehouse death to target Facebook users

When big news happens, people from around the world head online to get more information and often share their thoughts on social networking sites like Facebook. But, scammers also use this to their advantage and now, some are using the recent tragedies in Norway and the death of singer Amy Winehouse to infect computers.

Anonymous offshoot collects info on 96,000 Austrian bank accounts

The account information for about 96,000 Austrian bank accounts appears to have been obtained by the internet hacking group Anonymous after it hacked into the website of the country's television license agency.

Are hackers targeting Macbook batteries?

Apple users were always confident that their machines were safe from malware and other such issues, but recently Macs have come under attack from hackers with the most recent target being laptop batteries.

Google warns users of malware

A known problem of the internet security world has been fake antivirus software that users load onto their computers from popups that claim to fix an issue that may not exist. According to Google, these may be affecting "a couple million" PCs and the search engine giant is trying to warn users.

New Zealand citizens scammed out of millions in virus hoax

Typically, online scammers attack their victims through email, but in recent attacks in New Zealand, scammers used a less advanced technique - the phone.

A Free Virus Removal Tool Can Be Too Little, Too Late

The dangers of viruses are well documented. They affect computers around the globe each and every day. Many people take the “it will never happen to me” approach to viruses. However, once a PC is infected, reality sets in. Fortunately, a free virus removal tool can remove most common viruses. That being said, stronger viruses are still trying to infect your computer. It’s important that computers have antivirus software programs protecting a computer at all times.

Consumers Shouldn’t Settle for Less Than The Best Antivirus Software

In life, there are products that are the same regardless of a brand name and there are products that separate themselves. This can be seen in the car industry. While a vehicle may be able to get a person from point A to point B, it may have an engine that is prone to dying. Choosing a better quality vehicle is important. The same can be said for antivirus software. Getting the best antivirus software is imperative.

Security snafu puts Boston patients at risk

More than 2,000 patients of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston may have had confidential personal information compromised in a computer security breach.

The Advantages of a Security Suite

If you are considering investing in antivirus software, you may be wondering whether a security suite is right for you. There are several distinct advantages to security suites as opposed to individual security software.

Reddit founder indicted for hacking MIT

Aaron Swartz, the 24-year-old co-founder of and founder of the non-profit group Demand Progress, has been indicted in federal court for allegedly hacking into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer network to access and distribute millions of academic articles.

Aussie news sites hacked

Australian news websites run by News Limited and the Special Broadcasting Service have recently been hacked, exposing users to malware.

LulzSec back in action, targets The Sun

Hacker group LulzSec, which claimed recently it was disbanding, took credit for hacking the website of the Rupert Murdoch-owned British tabloid The Sun on July 18.

Arrests made in internet fraud case

Romanian law enforcement officials recently arrested more than 90 people suspected of participating in an online fraud scheme targeting users in the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice reported.

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