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UK looks for next line cyber-fighters

To help combat against cyber criminals, the U.K.’s computer security industry is trying to find the next tech-savvy workers to protect against hackers, according to a recent report by the Financial Times.

Dow Jones struck by computer virus

After letting go 34 employees earlier this month, Dow Jones has been battling a computer virus.

Norwegian military hit by computer virus

The Norwegian military was recently targeted by cyber criminals in a “massive” attack, according to a report by newspaper VG.

Dix Communications websites hit by malware virus

A recent report by confirmed that the web banner server on Dix Communications newspaper websites was recently attacked by a computer spyware virus.

Antivirus Software Wards Off Ferocious Malware Attacks

Yesterday, a deputy in Taft, California, was attacked by a pit bull while responding to a call for assistance from other officers in the area. The dog lunged at the deputy as he came around the corner of a building and bit him on the right side of his body. The deputy fought back by shooting and killing the dog. So what does this have to do with antivirus software?

Malware tips for ensuring protection

For computer users, viruses are not the only threats to internet security.

Several threats are emerging in the cyber world

While cyber criminals continue to attack computer users, many are turning their attention toward smartphone users.

Computer users should protect against email attacks

After the death of Osama bin Laden, officials in the United States and United Kingdom have warned computer users of possible cyber threats.

NASA attacked by hacker

Although NASA continues to look to space, on earth, hackers are reportedly targeting the agency.

Computer virus hits Massachusetts labor department

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development recently announced that its computer network for its unemployment system was struck by a computer virus.

April sees an increase of malware, says report

Cyber criminals were apparently busy during April, releasing more than 73,000 variants of malware on a daily basis, increasing 26 percent from April 2010, according to a report by an internet security company.

US remains most targeted country for spam

Despite being the top spam producing country, the United States’ percentage of global spam decreased from 18.8 percent to 13.7 percent during the first quarter of 2011, according to a recent report by an internet security company.

Sunspot malware possess financial fraud capabilities

Sunspot, a Windows malware platform that has been circulating for some time, now has the capabilities of committing financial fraud, according to a recent report by an internet security company.

Mac attacks have long been predicted

In 2008, Adam O’Donnell used game theory to determine that once Apple ownership reached a certain percentage of market share, cyber criminals would begin targeting Mac OS users more frequently.

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