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Different types of internet security needed

Although only one antivirus program is needed, Lincoln Spector of PCWorld said users need other programs that take care of other areas of internet security, such as a good firewall.

Data breaches cost businesses a lot of money

A new article from Marketwatch says that with cybercrime on the rise, the costs to business have increased as well. Businesses worried about data breaches should increase their internet security efforts as soon as possible.

Internet security needs to be better, web pioneer says

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, said internet security is not at the level it should be at the RSA Security Conference in London.

Virus looks identical to online banking page, report says

A new virus could be dangerous for online banking customers, according to security experts. ThisIsMoney's website said a virus discovered in Spain looks just like an internet banking page in an effort to get account information. Internet users should antivirus software loaded up at all times.

Federal data breaches see huge increase in last five years

In the past five years, federal network security breaches have seen a jump of 650 percent, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office released earlier this month. Improved internet security should be implemented to help quell the amount of security breaches.

Internet Explorer patch should help with internet security

A patch for Microsoft Internet Explorer, deemed "critical" by eWeek, fixes at least eight known internet security flaws in the web browser. The patch handled the web browser's memory and the way memory was accessed and allocate.

'Mafia Wars' game the cause of Drone virus, report says

Although the U.S. Air Force revealed this week that a virus that has infected cockpits of its drone fleets is not harmful, word came out in The Associated Press that the malware infecting the drones is used to steal log-in and passwords from those who play online games, such as Mafia Wars.

New or old, every user should have an antivirus program

When it comes to renewing the same antivirus program versus buying a new one, Ken Colburn of writes on KNXV's website that the only thing that matters is not getting caught in indecision. He said users need to be protected by a program, whether it is what they had before or completely new software.

Anonymous hacking group vows to attack New York Stock Exchange

Infamous hacking group Anonymous has allegedly threatened to attack the New York Stock Exchange's website in support of the Occupy Wall Street, according to news sources. With the news of the threat, NYSE employees may want to ramp up internet security in the coming days.

London preparing for Olympic cyber attacks

With the 2012 Olympics in London quickly approaching, officials for the games have been thoroughly testing internet security to make sure no worst-case scenarios end up playing out during the games.

German police accused of using eavesdropping software

A tool used by the German government to listen in on Skype calls may violate internet security rulings by the country's constitutional court, according to a European hacker club.

Wi-Fi users need to increase internet security, study says

Although 97 percent of WI-Fi users recently surveyed by Wakefield Research report they believe the data on their devices and network are safe, the report said they may actually need added internet security. Participants asked if they had taken several recommended steps to protect their devices on Wi-Fi network scored an average score of 66 percent.

Computer virus affects U.S. drone attacks

According to a report from Wired's Danger Room blog, Predator and Reaper drones have been affected by a persistent computer virus. The U.S. government said they have tried to wipe out the viruses, but they keep coming back. A stronger antivirus program may be needed for the government to withstand future attacks.

Vancouver Police Department lists top scams

With recent scams of callers claiming to be from Microsoft to slip by antivirus programs and get access to computers, the Vancouver Police Department in Canada has released its top 10 scams for 2011, according to NEWS1130

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