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Study: Windows users are targets of nearly all malware

Windows users are the targets of nearly all malware, a new study has found.

New email worm slams corporate America

Some of the largest companies in the world weren't spared by the latest email worm to hit the internet.

Facebook's internet security compromised again

Hackers have been giving Facebook internet security fits recently. The second loophole discovered in a week exposes the social network's vulnerability to automatically posted links.

Google: Popular web host plagued by security threats

A recent report in Computerworld reveals the popular web hosting company Media Temple and its 350,000 domains are wrought with internet security threats, according to Google's Safe Browsing tool.

Uptick in smartphone sales could put pressure on internet security firms

A new report by the research firm IDC found sales of Google's Android operating system will overtake Apple iOS as the third-most used mobile operating system this year.

Porn malware an internet security concern for Android users

An internet security expert for a data management company has uncovered a malware program fronting as a pornography application for Google's smartphone operating system Android.

British companies clog inboxes with spam

A study conducted by Spam Rating has found British companies are jamming up consumers' inboxes with unsolicited spam emails.

Majority of web users fall victim to online crime

Many internet users across the globe have fallen victim to online crime, a new internet security study conducted by a data-management company has found.

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