Malware volumes increasing, lifespans shortening

According to a new study, malware authors are becoming increasingly creative in their methods of bypassing internet security measures.

Microsoft unveils malicious JavaScript detector

Microsoft recently developed a new software that detects malware embedded in JavaScript.

Russian hacker produced one-third of world's spam

A recent survey showed that Russia is the top spam-producing nation in the world.

IT pros witness rise in malware this year, spend accordingly

Internet security is an increasingly important enterprise IT investment, according to a recent survey of nearly 800 IT professionals.

Cyber criminals target holiday tweets

According to a recent report, cyber criminals still use Twitter to spread malware.

Study says global spam down, malware holding steady

According to a recent report, spam levels fell around the world in November.

New malware holds computers for ransom

Computer users seem to face enough internet security threats as it is, with the prevalence of Trojans and malware that steal data and spread spam.

Facebook hit with rogue malware apps

Facebook has recently been targeted by a variety of security threats, ranging from fake comments on photo pages to offers for non-existent apps that infect users with malware.

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