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Russian Hacktivists Breach Chinese Embassy in Moscow; Leak Documents Related to Russia’s Spying on Ukraine

The Russian Cyber Command (Rucyborg) hacker group breached the China’s Embassy in Moscow and leaked documents related to Chinese-made hardware with backdoors allegedly used in Russian spying on Ukraine, according to Softpedia News.

US Department of Justice Wins First-Ever Convictions of Mobile App Pirates

Two Florida website owners became the first-ever suspects in the US convicted of pirating mobile apps after authorities caught them selling more than a million copies of copyrighted Android applications worth $700,000.

Microsoft Warns of Word 2010 Vulnerability

Microsoft is warning users of an unpatched remote code vulnerability that leaves Microsoft Word 2010 vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

EA Games Hacked to Steal Apple Credentials

An EA Games server was breached to host a phishing website targeting Apple ID account owners, according to The Verge.

Tor Used in Online Child-Abuse Case

Some 251 children, mainly from North America and Europe, have fallen victim to a secret child-abuse web site, accessed anonymously through Tor, a network that hides the browser’s identity, according to The Guardian.

Withdrawals Still Halted as Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox Reopens

The bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox has reopened its web site, although it can only be used for balance checks as withdrawals are still halted, according to The Guardian.

Credit Card Data of 25,000 Shoppers Stolen

Beauty retailer Sally Beauty Holdings suffered a security breach during an update of its point-of-sale machines in its US stores, according to Tech World.

NATO Allegedly Defaced by Ukrainian Cyber Attackers

Three NATO websites were blocked after a denial-of-service attack claimed by Ukrainian hacking group CyberBerkut, according to Reuters.

Syrian Electronic Army Claims to Have Breached US Central Command

The Syrian Electronic Army hackers group alleges it breached US Central Command’s systems to protest the US intention of using cyber warfare against Syria, according to Softpedia News.

Google Rolls Out Search Encryption in China

Google has started encrypting keyword searches performed in China, as part of a global initiative to prevent mass surveillance by hackers and governmental agencies, according to The Washington Post.

New European Data Protection Law Concerns Tech Industry

The European parliament has approved a new Data Protection Regulation to protect citizens’ right to privacy, according to

Dutch Intelligence Illegally Shares Data, Report Shows

The Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) illegally shared citizens’ data with foreign services without ministerial approval, according to

Flexcoin Bank to Shut Down After $600,000 Bitcoin Heist

Canadian bitcoin bank Flexcoin will shut down after it suffered a heist of 896 bitcoins worth about $600,000 this week, the bank said in a press release.

US Bank Warns Against Using Credit Cards to Pay Chicago Cab Rides

A data breach is taking place in Chicago taxis when a passenger pays using credit and debit cards in many taxis, the First American Bank in Illinois says in a public message to its customers.

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