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University of Maryland Takes Measures against Data Breach

The University of Maryland (UMD) is extending credit card protection to 5 years for all 309,000 victims of a recent cyber-attack involving university staff, students and faculty members, according to a message on their website.

EC-Council Web Site DNS Hijacked and Defaced

The web site of IT training company EC-Council has been DNS hijacked and defaced by a hacker known as Eugene Belford, according to Softpedia News.

National Data-Breach Notification Law Needed, US Attorney General Says

US Congress should create a national standard compelling businesses who have suffered data breaches to notify affected customers, US Attorney General Eric Holder said in a video message.

Credentials of 200,0000 People Compromised in Global Botnet Attack

Nearly 200,000 people had account credentials, Bitcoins and other virtual currencies stolen by a small group of cybercriminals in a global botnet attack, according to a Trustwave Spider Labs blog announcement.

Odyssey, Harvard’s Supercomputer, Exploited for Mining Dogecoin

The Odyssey 14,000 CPU cores supercomputer from Harvard University has been exploited by a member of the university’s research community for mining Dogecoin, a new cryptographic currency with a similar architecture as Bitcoin, according to Softpedia News.

Apple Patches Security Flaw for iPhones, Leaves Devices Vulnerable

Apple released a software patch for iOS 7, revealing an SSL vulnerability which also exposes other Apple devices to man-in-the-middle attacks, according to

Cybercrime Increasingly Targets Health Care, Report Says

375 US-based health care organizations were compromised in 2013 and the numbers will keep growing, a according to a SANS cyber threat report.

US Navy Intranet Harbored Iranian Spyware for Four Months

Iranian hackers infiltrated the US Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) to install spyware, according to Ars Technica. Hacked; Email Addresses Exposed

Forbes’ publishing platform has been hacked and an undisclosed number of members’ email accounts have been compromised.

828 Gb of Data Allegedly Stolen From Las Vegas Sands

The hackers who breached the systems of Las Vegas Sands Corp published a video to prove they stole 828 Gb of data, according to Softpedia News. Several casino web sites owned by Las Vegas Sands were also defaced.

Kickstarter Notifies Customers over Security Breach; User Data Stolen

Kickstarter started sending notification letters on Saturday to all customers after a security breach, according to a press release. User credentials, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses, even encrypted passwords have been accessed by hackers.

Dutch Police Shut Down Clandestine Marketplace Utopia

The Dutch National Police seized Utopia, a hidden online marketplace used to promote the sale of illegal drugs, weapons and hacking tools, according to

Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchange Market with DDoS Attack

The Bitstamp exchange market for Bitcoin suspended all transfers today after it was hit by a DDoS attack. The DDoS attack exploits a wallet “misunderstanding” and is disrupting balance checking due to the malleability of transactions, the market said.

Microsoft Patches 24 Critical Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

Microsoft has issued critical-rated updates for 24 security flaws in the Internet Explorer (IE) browser, the company announced in its latest security bulletin.

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