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US and Russia United against Cyber Threats

In a joint statement, US and Russian Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin made public their cooperation plans to secure the cyber environment, recognizing “the unprecedented progress in the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs).”

Multimedia Repository Poses Security Threat to Debian Aficionados

The domain name used by the unofficial Debian Multimedia repository has changed hands and now poses a security threat to Linux users who enabled it in the past.

Apple Delivers OS X Update, Fixes Critical Bug in Safari

Apple pushed on Tuesday an update that fixes more than 30 vulnerabilities in the operating system software, including a critical bug in Safari.

Microsoft and FBI Take Down Botnet

In a coordinated action, Microsoft and the FBI disrupted Citadel, a multi-million dollar operation responsible for stealing approximately half a billion dollars from bank accounts worldwide.

Oracle Reworks Security Model for Upcoming Java Releases

Oracle-sponsored Java has had a rough patch this year as zero-day exploits kept pouring in and cyber-crooks rushed to monetize their bugs. But things are apparently looking less gloomy for the upcoming releases of Java, which will bring major changes in the way applets are treated within the browser, among others.