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Chrome Fixes 22 bugs in New Browser version

Chrome launched today a new version of the highly-popular browser today. The update includes improvements and new features for developers, but also addresses some security issues in version 24.

Adobe Reader and Acrobat Strapped With Security Update

Two critical vulnerabilities for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat were addressed in a security update that promises to plug the exploit that enabled attackers to escape the Adobe sandbox.

German Researchers Freeze Phone to Bypass Encryption

Ice can preserve many things, from food to flowers, but it can also keep volatile data on your encrypted smartphone long enough to expose your secrets. Or so a team of German researchers found out.

European Agencies Plan to Sue Google Over Privacy Scandal

European data protection agencies plan to sue Google after they warned the company that its new privacy policy doesn’t comply with EU laws, according to the AFP. In October last year, the agencies gave the Internet giant four months to reconsider the settings or face legal action.

Pranksters Break into Emergency Alert System, Announce Zombie Apocalypse in Montana

A highly popular television show on KRTV in the city of Great Falls, Montana was disrupted by disturbing news about dead people crawling from their graves.

Bush Family Hacked; Sensitive Details Exposed

Both former President Bushes had their e-mails hacked and sensitive details were compromised, according to The Smoking Gun. The alleged hacker claimed he gained access to "a lot of stuff," including interesting messages about George H.W. Bush's recent hospitalization.

Japan Stuffs Anti-Piracy Messages Inside Fake Torrent Files

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications along with movie and music local industry launched Operation Decoy File in an attempt to educate computer users about piracy online and protect copyrighted content.

Nuclear Weapons Regulator Breached in January, Employee Data Leaked

The Energy Department of the United States suffered a serious data breach in mid-January that allegedly exposed sensitive information about staff and external contractors. Although the department did not announce the breach, the information surfaced in an internal letter to affected employees.

Data of 4,000 Bank Executives Leaked by Anonymous in Government Hacking

Over 4,000 bank executives saw their personal data leaked after Anonymous hacked a new governmental website was hacked, according to ZDNet.