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Businesses need coordinated response to hacktivism

Because hacktivist groups want to draw attention to a cause or message, companies need to coordinate information technology and public relations teams to combat the threat and respond to attacks, according to Greg Nowak of the Information Security Forum.

Government sites vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks

Fewer than a quarter of all U.S. government websites have taken mandated steps to protect against man-in-the-middle exploits, recently reported.

Facebook bug bounty program making big payouts

Less than a month after launching its "bug bounty" program that offers cash rewards to independent computer security researchers who report vulnerabilities affecting the site, Facebook announced it has paid out $40,000 in reward money.

Hackers copy Dutch company's SSL certificates

Hackers recently compromised the computer security system of DigiNotar, a Dutch company that generates digital Secure Sockets Layer certificates to authenticate websites, leaving certain users vulnerable to attack.

International hacker group steals $13 million

A Florida-based financial services firm lost about $13 million due to a sophisticated and highly coordinated computer security breach last spring.

Malware infection creates anxiety in Maine

he U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team recently discovered Maine's Central Voter Registration application was infected with malware, potentially compromising sensitive data.

Anonymous subjects BART spokesman to indecent online exposure

As part of an ongoing protest against San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit, Anonymous recently posted explicit photos of BART spokesman Linton Johnson on its BARTlulz blog.

You Need Good Antivirus Software for Social Networking

Social networking has become one of the most popular forms of Internet communication. It's easy-to-use, you can stay in touch with friends and family at a distance, and share ideas. Unfortunately, the convenience and popularity of these sites have also led them to be utilized by identity thieves and scammers. Antivirus software can protect you from threats on your social networking sites.

Parental Controls and Antivirus for People with Children

Children are learning to use the Internet earlier and earlier nowadays. In a day and age where 6-year-olds have Facebook accounts, parental controls and antivirus software have never been more necessary for keeping your children and your computer safe.

Yale computer security lapse compromises Social Security numbers

Yale University faces tough questions after recently discovering an internet file accessible via Google contained the names and Social Security numbers of about 43,000 students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Consumer information company operates like a hacker, lawsuit alleges

Mike Harris of Illinois and Jeff Dunstan of California have filed a class action lawsuit against consumer information provider ComScore, alleging the company's tactics violate users' privacy and compromise their computer security.

Save Your Computer from Catching a Virus

With the Internet's constantly increasing popularity, we may tend to forget the risks associated with using it. The majority of computer viruses spread through the Internet.

Documentary reveals Falun Gong attack

A recently released Chinese military propaganda video includes brief footage of a Chinese computer being used to attack a Falun Gong website via an American internet address.

Californians' medical files exposed on the web

The medical records of nearly 300,000 Californians were recently posted online without any internet security protections, leaving them vulnerable to hackers and other fraudsters, according to The Associated Press.

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