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Data breach affects 35 million in South Korea

Reports this week indicate that that South Korea may have suffered its largest cyber attack ever when the popular social networking site Cyworld and search engine Nate were compromised by what is believe to be Chinese hackers.

Internet password standards needed

Corporations with large web presences should consider forming a consortium to set standards for internet passwords, computer security expert Tom Kemp wrote recently on the Forbes tech blog.

Many internet attacks start in Asia

Almost half of worldwide attack traffic on the internet originates in Asia, making that continent a hub for computer security threats, according to a recently released report from internet platform provider Akamai.

German officials caution online bankers

A new Windows malware strain tricks victims into transferring money into scammers’ accounts, the German Federal Criminal Police warned recently.

LulzSec, Anonymous set their sights on PayPal

Infamous hacker groups have called for a boycott of epayment site PayPal, urging users to close their account and post or tweet pictures of the closures.

String of government site hacks leads to cyber chief’s resignation

Randy Vickers, director of the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), resigned July 22.

Hard drive recalled in Australia

German discount retailer ALDI recently recalled an external hard drive from its stores in Australia following an Australian Computer Emergency Response Team announcement that the device was preinstalled with malware.

Facebook joins bug bounty bandwagon

On July 29, Facebook will begin paying hackers who report internet security vulnerabilities affecting the popular social media website.

Russia hit with first big web-security scare

An information leak in Russia, in which private data - such as text messages, sales receipts from sex shops and government documents - has been turning up in web searches, Seeking Alpha reports.

Australian executive says media reports of a hacking were exaggerated

A man was arrested July 28 in New South Wales, Australia, in the probe of the National Broadband Network hacking scandal, which police say could be the country’s biggest-ever compromise, ABC New Australia reported.

Latest hacking threat - your car

By now most people are aware of threats to not only their computers but their phones and other mobile devices by hackers and malware. But now it appears another machine may be in harm's way - their car.

Homeland Security concerned Stuxnet might harm U.S.

Last year, Iranian officials found evidence of a computer worm in the country's uranium enrichment facilities. Now, the United States appears to be concerned that a modified version of the worm could affect U.S. infrastructure.

OS X Lion shows vulnerabilities

Apple's latest operating system, OS X Lion, was released only days ago, but already news of vulnerabilities in what has historically been a relatively safe OS are coming to light.

Hacker group Anonymous goes after Italian cybercrime unit

Internet hacking group Anonymous appears to be at it again with an attack on Italy's cybercrime unit, claiming to have taken more than 8 gigabytes of data from the police force.

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