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Cybercrime against business up in the past year

With more information online, it follows that more hackers will be out to try to get their hands on it, and a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers confirms this. PwC said more than one in three companies said they were victims of fraud in 2011, showing the need for businesses to ramp up their internet security measures.

Researchers looking at cybercrime like criminologists

With the rise of online crime, an engineer and a criminologist are starting to look at cybercrime like any other crime. The pair from University of Maryland are looking at criminology concepts and methods as they relate to cybercrime hoping to lead to recommendations for how IT managers can ramp up internet security and other programs, such as antivirus software.

Mobile hacking could explode in 2012

One of the world's largest technical professional associations is predicting that 2012 could be a big year for widespread mobile hacking. IEEE fellow Dr. Jeffrey Voas said there is uncovered malware in more than 2,000 free smartphone apps, which will be the most common entry point for hackers next year. Internet security and mobile antivirus software could also become more popular.

Small businesses need to prepare themselves online during holidays

With holiday shopping and other general distractions on the internet, small businesses are very susceptible to online internet security breaches. Fox Business asked security experts about how to stay safe as a small business on the internet.

Some printers may be open to attacks from hackers

While many people think to always have their computer guarded with internet security and antivirus software technology, few people think to protect their printers from hackers. Researchers at Columbia University said they've discovered a new security flaw with Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers, and maybe other printers, that could be used to steal information and even cause physical damage.

Millions of South Korean gamers hacked

Personal information of more than 13 million South Korean game subscribers has been compromised, according to the Korea Communications Commission. Nexon Korea Corporation had the information of many of its gamers leak, meaning the company may need to invest in more advanced internet security.

Largest denial-of-service attack shut down one website for a week

At a time where many ecommerce websites are stocking up on internet security programs for the holidays, Porlexic, a company that specializes in denial-of-service attacks, said one Asian ecommerce company experienced a week-long shutdown in early November from a large attack.

Hackers go after cop who pepper-sprayed protesters at UC Davis

After an officer was caught on video pepper spraying protesters at the University of California, Davis, internet hacking group Anonymous has taken it upon itself to launch an online attack on him. This officer would be wise to invest in internet security and antivirus software to help protect himself while he is heavily in the public eye.

Scam email with virus poses as Better Business Bureau

People in the Kentucky area who find an email from the Better Business Bureau in their inbox may want to be cautious, as it has been reported that a fake email with a virus has been sent out. The email appears to be from the Council of Better Business Bureaus in Arlington, Virginia, about a recently filed complaint. Users should have antivirus software loaded and ready to protect their computer at all times.

Europe looks to increase internet security

With the threat of cyber attacks and even cyber war becoming more of a worry for governments around the world, the European Commission is looking to strengthen its internet security, according to ZDNet.

Computer may not be 'fine' even if it seems virus-free

Even if someone believes their computer is virus-free and running well, that may not necessarily be true, according to Pincher Creek Echo from Alberta, Canada. Kevin Lloyd writes that even if a computer seems OK, there could be things that need to be improved or fixed. Users always need to keep an antivirus program updated and other internet security methods running to make sure the computer stays healthy.

More insider data breaches in Canadian government

Insider threats caused by employees seem to be on the rise in Canada's government, according to the fourth annual Telus-Rotman study on Canadian IT practices.

Hackers allegedly destroy US water pump

Internet security may need to be increased after hackers allegedly destroyed a water pump used to distribute water to thousands of people in a small Illinois city. The pump is said to have been broken by hackers getting into the utility network and turning it on and off very quickly. So far, the U.S. Department for Homeland Security and the FBI are looking into the incident.

Android owners using free antivirus software should upgrade

For users of the Android mobile platform, using free antivirus software may not cut it, according to a study by AV-Test, a German security institute. The company looked at seven different apps and found that most of them were useless when it came to helping phones detect and get rid of malware.

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