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Chinese military may have attempted to hack US satellites

According to a report from Bloomberg, internet security may have prevented U.S. government-owned satellites from being hacked by the Chinese military. A report shows that computer hackers, possibly Chinese military members, interfered with the satellites multiple times from 2007 to 2008.

Government tries to help small businesses with internet security

With internet security a big concern for small businesses, the federal government is trying to help them out, as the Federal Communications Commission announced plans to release an online tool to support businesses who have experienced cyber attacks.

Japanese politicians attacked by computer viruses

According to multiple news sources, computers belonging to members of Japan's House of Representatives were found to be infected with a computer virus. These politicians should get better antivirus software as soon as they can. The New York Times said this is the latest attack in many that have caused concern for the leakage of sensitive information.

Email that appears to be from IRS contains virus

According to news sources, an email that looks like it is from Internal Revenue Services contains a virus. Internet users should frequently update both their antivirus software and internet security measures to make sure these viruses do not harm their computer.

Ecommerce businesses need to be aware of internet security issues

Even if your online shop has all of its bases covered, there could still be internet security issues to look out for, according to PCWorld's website. Jeremy Kirk said on the website that fraudsters are always on the look out for ways to exploit marketing campaigns and incentive programs.

Gadhafi's death pictures bring computer viruses

According to the Technorati blog, the death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi has brought on an internet security breach that should have users firing up their antivirus software. Graphic images and video's showing the ruler's death may include a virus.

Amy Winehouse fans targeted by virus

Fans of the late singer Amy Winehouse were targeted by a hacker who tried to get them to download a computer virus, according to news sources. Everyone surfing the web needs to have an antivirus program up and running to avoid scams such as this.

About 72 percent of Chinese computers faced internet security attacks last year

According to a new survey by the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre of China, 72 percent of computers experienced cyber attacks, reports the EconomicTimes' website. Users who have computers in China should have a good antivirus program running at all times.

New online toolkit to help seniors avoid scams

The National Council on Aging will partner with the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement and the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to put out "Savvy Saving Seniors: Steps to Avoid Scams," which will help to educate elderly people on how to protect themselves against financial abuse and scams

Creators of infamous Stuxnet virus may have struck again

The New York Times reporteds that the designers of Stuxnet, a virus that infiltrated an Iranian nuclear site and infected tens of thousands of computers across the world last year, may have created a new virus. With Stuxnet still out there and a new virus created, computer users should have their antivirus software updated and ready to go.

Use multiple tools to 'save digital life'

If files aren't taken care of, bad things may happen. Money Talk News' website suggests that computer users use multiple internet security tools, such as antivirus software and a firewall, to help protect the things they've worked hard to create and save on their computer.

Google and Citizens Advice Bureau launch online safety campaign

A new campaign by Google and the Citizens Advisory Bureau gives advice on how to better internet security and protect against viruses, phishing and other maladies of the internet.

Traffic ticket virus email strikes New York

According to multiple news sources, a new email warning users of a traffic ticket is a virus meant to harm computers. Antivirus software should be up and running at all times to help avoid ramifications of these viruses.

Japanese officials believe hackers were coming after defense secrets

In recent cyber attacks on Japanese corporations, officials in the country believe online criminals were looking for country defense secrets, according to UPI. Internet security may need to be ramped up in Japan, as Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries were infected with viruses.

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